VERACITY (Grades 6th-12th)


7PM Veracity Worship Service


We are excited that you are checking out Veracity! Allow me to answer some questions you might have.

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Are junior and senior highers together?

Yes, junior high and high school meet together in Worship and Sermon times, but we have extended small groups every week to go over elements that are age appropriate to the topic of the week. We even divide Freshmen and Sophomores from the Juniors on up.

What is a typical Tuesday like?

It depends on the Tuesday. The first Tuesday of every month is Apollos Night where there is more emphasis on small groups, a game or skit, and friend friendly teaching. The second and fourth Tuesdays are Encounter Night. This is more of a discipleship time where we have small groups, then live worship, and sermon. The Third Tuesday is our most popular one; Coffee House! We have food, meet in groups of students own choosing, welcome new people, and answer ANY question about God, religion, or the church.

Do you do anything outside of Tuesdays?

We meet at least twice a month for hang out nights, movies, other fun activities the youth ask for. We sometimes meet with other Youth Groups as well as go to Conventions, Rallies, Missions Trips, and Winter Retreats. We also do some type of community outreach once a month as well.

What should my Student bring with them?

Questions! We thrive on critical thinking and honesty, hence the name Veracity. Bringing a Bible is always a good thing too!

College Students: MERGE

Merge is for students ages 16-24.  Currently on hold